Professional refrigerators

Our team undertakes the installation of commercial refrigerators at your place after careful study, research and planning in order to optimize the utility you will receive from your refrigerator.


Central cooling chambers.

We undertake the careful study and installation of maximum efficiency central cooling chambers for your business.


Professional ovens.

The oven is the heart of a catering business and it is important that it works perfectly. For this reason, we are committed to finding the best solution that fits your needs.


Installation of Ventilation-Air Ducts.

It is crucial that your business has a functional and practical ventilation system and it is precisely for this reason that we offer this service that all of our customers who have chosen it have been satisfied with.


Air conditioning.

We undertake the installation, maintenance and repair of both residential and commercial air conditioning.


Cleaning water filters.

Our team also undertakes water filter cleaning and maintenance providing A quality cleaning and maintenance.


Ice machine repairs.

We offer a rare, for the Greek market, service at the highest possible quality, ice machine repairs. We carefully study your machine and after identifying the problem we fix it using the best possible parts to minimize the chance of a new problem occurring again.