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We participate in the "Exoikonomo" programs for air conditioning and solar panels.

The company K.D.P. Pavlos Karagiannis, has its headquarters in Peristeri Attica and has been active for years in the cooling - heating and equipment sectors. Led by graduate - licensed certified refrigeration engineer Pavlos Karagiannis, as well as a team of experienced technicians, we are able to cope with any new installation or repair work promptly and efficiently.


Our team undertakes the installation and maintenance of commercial refrigerators for all kinds of businesses.

Professional refrigeration is an integral and critical part for the operation of your business, that is why we are committed to the correct study, perfect placement, ideal performance for your space so that you and your customers feel light in every season.




After decades of dealing with the subject our team is widely known for its reliability as each of our clients is more than happy with our services.

We are known in the market for our highly professional attitude and the high quality of our services. We seek the best possible result for each of our clients.

Our team with more than 25 years of experience in the field of professional cooling and heating are fully trained, qualified and able to cope with all your needs.

Our clients

We revolutionise air conditioning in Greece!

The new, modern Midea air conditioner is a fact! Through our collaboration with Midea, we bring you the air conditioner of the 21st century with innovative technologies that will keep the room temperature where you want it without burdening the electricity bill.

This unique air conditioner has condensed decades of technological progress into one package!

  • Remote control

  • Wi-Fi connection

  • Energy saving function

Our projects

We offer top level services throughout Greece!

Our team, consisting of experienced refrigerants, technicians and electricians, is properly prepared and has a lot of experience in dealing with problems, even at the last moment, anywhere in Greece! Our goal is to provide you with prompt and efficient service!

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